Consumed in Darkness

April 5, 2017 Bbarrett01 0

Consumed in Darkness is a feature length film produced by ColemanFilms and 3AM Productions. It’s the story of a mob enforcer bent on revenge. Brian […]


February 23, 2017 Bbarrett01 0

A film about a man who can see 10 seconds into the future. What would you do with that ability? In this short Brian plays […]

The Trunk

February 20, 2017 Bbarrett01 0

Watch the episode here. This is a webseries inspired by the movie Driver. In this episode, the driver, after a drunken night, wakes up to a surprise.

Your Art

February 26, 2016 Bbarrett01 0

An accomplished artist (played by Brian Barrett) magically appears to offer advice to a young photographer who is unsure of her career path. Directed by […]


February 19, 2016 Bbarrett01 0

Manny confronts his successful prodigy who has surpassed him, both in the entertainment industry and skill level. Directed by Benjamin Strack. Abracadabra on IMDb


October 28, 2015 Bbarrett01 0

An emotionally unstable teenager comes home to find his father engaged in an act that triggers him to take an unsettling decision.