Chorus & Flange

July 9, 2017 Bbarrett01 0

Ordinary Moment and Forget Me Not featured on the soundtrack of ‘Inspired by Evil’. Performed by David Chorus and Deborah Flange. Written and Produced by […]

Music of Epilogue

April 15, 2017 Bbarrett01 0

The full name of the band is actually: Ryan J. Bernfield presents Michael Lloyd’s Music of Epilogue featuring Brian Barrett and Robert Maville with special […]


April 1, 2017 Bbarrett01 0

Paralysis is the story of Jacob (Brian Barrett), a man with nightly terrors, but is his vision as dangerous as it seems? I don’t think […]


March 14, 2017 Bbarrett01 0

Iconspire is a solo project I did for a couple of years. I played with a pile of gear and peddles at several venues throughout […]

Empty Grave / H2&Flame

February 15, 2017 Bbarrett01 0

“We fight with our friends in a beautiful way.” Starts simple, becomes beautiful, grows epic. Jim LaPietra (vocals & guitar), Eric “the” Taylor (drums), Brian […]