Skins Soundtrack

February 29, 2020 Bbarrett01 0

Brian Barrett makes the end title music, inspired by Tangerine Dream, Native American instruments and Appellation folk songs, for Michael Del Rossa’s Skins. Coming soon.

Music of Epilogue

September 15, 2019 Bbarrett01 0

Brian Barrett performs keyboards and spacetime knobs with a band to make original music with that “eclectic-psychedelic alternative rock sound”


March 14, 2017 Bbarrett01 0

Iconspire is a solo project I did for a couple of years. I played with a pile of gear and peddles at several venues throughout […]

Barrett & Airheart

February 15, 2017 Bbarrett01 0

Around 1995-1999, I recorded some soundscapes with Matthew Jay. They kind of have a Robert Fripp meets Cluster, and early Tangerine Dream feel to them […]


December 22, 2016 Bbarrett01 0

The 9INE project had nine musicians for a grueling 9 hours of harsh noise improvisation on April 9, 2012 at The Vinyards in Rochester, NY. […]