Acting Resume

As Lead* or Second Lead

Title Role Year Director
StarStrike (animated) Earth* 2019 Michal Zadok
The Hidden Frame Calvin* 2019 Matt Breslin
The Couple James* (work-from-home drunk) 2019 Yuhao Sheng
Book of Evil Stan* (writer) 2018 Coleman Brothers
Big Bad Lucas* (assassin) 2017 James Abrams
Now It’s Dark Prof. Alex Lambert* 2017 Charles Bohan
No Vice City Kirk* (assassin) 2017 Yuan Yao
There Isn’t Always an Answer Dr. Tobin Römfondel* (philosopher) 2017 James Abrams
Your Art Walter* (artist) 2017 Aneli Campos
Squatters Eli (antagonist) 2016 Coleman Brothers
Winner, Best WNY Feature/Mid-length and Nominated, WNY Best Supporting Actor, Film, Art and Music Event, Batavia, NY. Winner of best short feature at Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival. Official Selection, International Horror Film Fest, NYC. Official Selection 2016, Ridgewood Guild Film Festival 2017.
The Astronaut Astronaut* 2016 Jenna Roscoe
The Abyss Multiple Evils* 2016 Manojh Reddy
Official Selection, AAB International film festival, 2017. Official Selection, Frostbite International Film Festival, 2017
The Trunk Guy in Trunk 2016 Coleman Brothers
A Night with Dahmer Jeffery Dahmer* 2016 Riley Braun
Abracadabra Manny the Magnificent* 2015 Benjamin Strack
Paralysis Jacob* 2015 Coleman Brothers
Winner, Best NY Horror Film, Upstate NY Horror Film Fest, Rochester, NY.
Who Would Jesus Date? Jesus* 2014 Neeti Fiderko
Finalist, Moondance Film Festival, Boulder, CO. Official Selection, Broad Humor Film Fest, Los Angeles, CA.

Supporting Roles

Title Role Year Director
Dripping in Gold Mike Davis, Record Executive 2019 Bo Gao 高博
Shiver Kosmo Paul Eaton, Bartender 2019 Coleman Brothers
Dark Justice
Season 3, Episode 1
Mr. Sims (middle school teacher)
(Special Guest Star)
2018 Mike Gerbino
  Winner, Best Comedy, NYC Web Fest, 2019; Official Selection, NYC Web Fest, 2017; Official Selection, Orlando Film Festival, 2017; Best Short Comedy, Cinema New York, 2017; Daily Pick, Stareable; Official Selection, Chain Film Festival, 2017; DaF Award Honorable Mention, Brooklyn Web Fest, 2017; Official Selection, Revolution Me Film Festival, 2017; Official Selection, Web Series Festival Global, 2017; Official Selection, Brooklyn Web Fest, 2016; Award of Recognition, Indie Film Awards, 2016
That’s the Spirit Father 2018 Maria Gesek
Fields Jeff (tough guy) 2018 Jake Scumaci
Ashes to Ashes Francis (drunk) 2018 Ahmet Talha Demir
No Escape Ted (lead’s buddy) 2018 Bo Gao 高博
Breath Frost The Death God 2018 Yuan Yao
Anita Jerry (repair shop owner) 2018 Enes Demir
Kuru Red Harris (farmer) 2017 Coleman Brothers
Repertoire Self 2017 James Abrams
The Masked Woman Dr. James (psychiatrist) 2017 Junnan Xia
Bon Appetite Dale (restaurant manager) 2017 Ken Cosentino
Sentinel: Mythology and Methodology Skinhead Leader 2017 James Abrams
Finalist, Shiver International Film Festival, Ontario, Canada. Official Selection, Feel The Reel International Film Festival, Glasgow, United Kingdom. Official Selection, Prison City Film Festival, Huntsville, TX.
City Addict 2017 Kenn Lott
Carving Season Creepy Customer 2016 Coleman Brothers
Grace is Gone Clarence (scavenger) 2016 Joe Black
Autocorrect Waiter 2016 Zaida Souissi
Persona Ricks’s Friend #1 2016 Charlie G Simmons
Clairvoyant Duncan (CEO) 2015 Ben Stutzman
Consumed In Darkness Danny (strip club owner) 2015 Coleman Brothers
Plink Sam (music agent) 2015 James Abrams
The Glassmaker Det. Wayne Gray 2015 Maria Elias
Official Selection, Los Angeles Film Awards, Los Angeles, CA.
Insolite Dad 2015 Philip Leteka
Coward Detective Brown 2015 Zack Thompson
Rochester Spoon River (play) Circuit Judge 2014 David Henderson / Method Machine
The Bloody Apocalypse (play) Third Angel 2011,
Mary Lew & Ian Downey / The Bloody Noes


Title Role Year Artist
Contemplation   2017 Aaron Tran
Love is Love Campaign   2017 Frank White for Southern Style Magazine
RochesTarot Card Deck Two of Swords/Peace 2016 Jay Lincoln


Title Role Year Director
Dead Reckoning: Evolution Zombie 2018 Nate Sorrentino
The Tomorrow Man Bartender 2017 Noble Jones
Fiancé Killer Server 2017 Fred Olen Ray
Walk of Shame Old Guy #3 (featured) 2016 Kevin Cosgrove
Dear Darkening Ground Ghost 2016 James Abrams
Joe Pera Tells You How to Pick the Perfect Christmas Tree Parent 2016 Marty Schousboe
Water (Music Video) Guy in Tuxspeedo (featured) 2014 Garden Fresh
Oh Holy Crismas (Music Video) Party person / Corporate Executive / Dancer 2012 Seth Faergolzia