Big Bad

July 15, 2017 Bbarrett01 0

Watch the full short film here. Frankie, must maintain her position of control when her dangerous ex-boyfriend, Lucas, returns and invades her home requesting a place to stay.

The Astronaut

May 16, 2017 Bbarrett01 0

A short experimental film about childhood and growing up. The Astronaut from Jenna Roscoe on Vimeo.


April 9, 2017 Bbarrett01 0

Official Selection, AAB International film festival, 2017 Official Selection, Frostbite International Film Festival, 2017 I’ve portrayed some truly horrible people, but in one nine-minute short, […]


April 1, 2017 Bbarrett01 0

Paralysis is the story of Jacob (Brian Barrett), a man with nightly terrors, but is his vision as dangerous as it seems? I don’t think […]

The Trunk

February 20, 2017 Bbarrett01 0

Watch the episode here. This is a webseries inspired by the movie Driver. In this episode, the driver, after a drunken night, wakes up to a surprise.

Who Would Jesus Date?

February 15, 2017 Bbarrett01 0

Watch the short film here or on Amazon Prime. A girl brings Jesus home to meet the parents. Will they approve of a match made in Heaven? A comedic short of biblical proportions.