Programs Written

Here are examples of some of the server-side scripts I have written:

  • Content Management System with multivariate testing and easy-to-use features for image handling and category sorting
  • Robust Honey Pot security with instant Admin notification that delivers blocking tools
  • Advanced Multifaceted Search Engine that accounts for users’ spelling errors and can sort by relevance and product importance
  • Look-Ahead Search Suggestion
  • Shopping Cart
  • Credit Card Payment Processors
  • Shipping Calculator
  • Sales Tax Calculator, which varies by county, based on user’s Zip code
  • PDF uploader that automatically creates .png thumbnails
  • Dynamic XML SiteMap and Product Feeds for Google Merchants and Bing Shopping
  • Image resizer that works on-the-fly
  • Spiders for aggregating information from competitors’ and manufacturers’ websites
  • Bulk Price Update Manager that can change prices based on desired margin, discounts, and product availability.
  • Automatic PDF Watermark
  • Open source video player add-on that discourages leaching, downloads and content theft
  • Numerous APIs
  • Content and Event-Based Form Spam Filters