Media Production and Programming

I have a long history of adapting to new technologies for content creation, publishing, and creating UIs for database management.

I grew up with access to computers and semi-pro video equipment, which was rare at the time. By the age of 13, I was programming and maintaining customer and vendor databases and creating product demonstration videos for my father’s photofinishing equipment business.

My bedroom was a production house. It even had its own dedicated fax line. I would layout brochures, fliers, and reports and edit videos on tape. On the side, I designed and produced negative overlays for photo labs; they offered the service for photographic business cards, calendars, and prom pictures.

School included video editing classes at Visual Studies Workshop; video and radio production at Eastern Monroe Career Center; a weekly live, in-studio music show on WBER; and programming classes in C, Assembly, and a couple other languages that no one currently uses.

My hobbies included composing what is now known as chip-tone music; attending computer users’ group meetings and international tech expos; designing layout and writing for two college distributed print publications, creating the website for one of them; 3D animation; and designing fliers, postcards, posters, and merchandise for bands.

Between 1998 and 2005, I worked for several small companies handling their print ads, photography, digital touch-ups, web design and development, and business development, as well as stagehand and audio visual work for events and concerts.