Barrett & Airheart

Stoner electronic vintage“tone-poems for headphones” to freak you out.

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Around 1995-1999, I recorded a series of multi-track improvisations with Matthew Jay, who was a band mate with me in Empty Grave a few years earlier. 

A couple of the songs have found their way into the soundtrack of a TV show, a short film, and a stage play, which is not bad for a couple of guys fiddling with a four-track tape recorder and absolutely no ambition for what was being produced – just looking for something to kill time on a Sunday afternoon. 

I made some videos, too, but I didn’t work too hard on them.

“Garden of Stray Flowers” has three parts, starts with a deep Jon Hassel/Brian Eno Fourth Worlds Possible Music thing and ends on a Ozric Tentacles stadium hippie jam that says “yes, the ’90s are vintage, now” I can only hear the bass when I wear headphones, and it’s half the song.

Modular (parts 1-3): If you like Tangerine Dream, Eno, Cluster, Moebius, Brain Records and that hypnoelectric sound popular in a three-block radius in Berlin for a couple weeks in 1975

Stoner electronic vintage “tone-poems for headphones” to freak you out.

The Marsh of the Exoskeletals by Barrett and Airheart

Marsh of the Exoskeletals – A 14+ minute journey through a couple vast, sentimental landscapes and then falling into a structureless mind-melt that makes me question if it’s music at all, or maybe it’s the purest form of music there is; and it gets dark, like, really ugly doom-electro, but it pulls up into this triumphant riff with this cheesy sound only Tomita could love, so everything will be ok, you know?

This album requires a system with adequate bass response or headphones …or both.