The 9INE project, organized by RJ Bernfeild (Epilogue, Miche and the Anglos), had nine musicians for a grueling 9 hours of harsh noise improvisation on April 9, 2012 at The Vinyards in Rochester, NY. It was a Monday. We were playing from 9am to 6pm. Despite being open to the public and the presence of a tip jar, we really did this for ourselves.

I discovered the digital archive of the 9INE music project on Soundcloud. 9INE has 36 Followers? “Oh, that’s cool,” I say to myself, “and more than I would expect.” One of them is Roger Eno. (Comedic record scratch) Wait, one of them is Roger Eno?!

I have a bunch of albums featuring him on piano, including a few by his brother – producer of U2, Talking Heads, and Devo – Brian Eno. I have the LP Roger did with Harold Budd on prominent display in my den.

I was suspect. “Ok, but is it REALLY Roger Eno?” It didn’t take long to realize that, yes, it is. “Surely, he must follow a lot of people.” – Nope, only 93.

Anyway, if you’re sonic appreciation palette includes what most people would consider the equivalent to calling a dial-up modem, you might like it. If not, you might want to skip, although there are a few bonafide jams in this.

Featuring: Brian Barrett, Brian Blatt (Gaybot, Thunderbody, Incrediblepurp), RJ Bernfield, Josh Bucci (Electronica Organica), Michael Lloyd (Epilogue), Bobby Maville (Epilogue), Michael Rae, Michael Schuler (Maybird), AK Williams (Black Bandit and the Stickups, CLAM, People with Teeth)